Leadership Development Consulting and Coaching

Michelle Briscoe’s career journey took her from bench-level chemist to team supervisor to laboratory manager to CEO. Her extensive experience helped her to develop a strong skill set in developing new leaders and coaching senior leadership team members.


  • From entry-level to the senior leadership team, all employees need to see a path forward in the progression of their career. Mid-managers especially need support to make the jump from technical individual performer to a leader of a group of people. Speed of Life can help you develop and enhance your employees’ leadership skills by providing strategic counsel and advice for effectively navigating the people side of your business.
  • Senior leaders need to be aligned in communication, but internally and externally. We can advise you on options for executive and team development coaching.
  • Diversity and inclusion are the foundations of building successful and high-functioning teams. We can help you develop strategies to not just identify potential leaders for promotion, but to empower new potential leaders to advocate for opportunities for advancement, especially from underrepresented groups, regardless of gender, gender expression, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, or background.
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