Business Management Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles, Michelle Briscoe has the experience and credentials to help take your company to the next level:

Provided strong company leadership through the great and not-so-great times

Developed and executed on a strategic plan for growth to achieve target EBITDA

Successfully lead an acquisition and the integration of two companies into one

Managing the staff and operations through time of growth and contraction

Successfully executed on a sale of the company in the middle of a global pandemic

In contracting with Speed of Life, you tap into the experience of a leader with proven business sense, a deep knowledge of business fundamentals, and a track record of success to help you steer your company towards achieving your goals. We can be a catalyst for change with the objectivity to help get all of the business’ team members on the same page. We provide consulting services on business planning and strategies.

Speed of Life can help you target organic growth by focusing business development efforts on untapped markets or service offerings. Times of organizational change can often be the most challenging. We provide consulting services on change management, assisting through transitions such as changes in management, mergers, acquisitions, or other organizational changes. To achieve growth or divestment goals, we help develop strategies to make an ideal acquisition or develop an exit plan that meets your goals. We have experience on both sides of the table in M&A deals. Our expertise will provide invaluable assistance on developing and executing on your strategic plan.

Your people are the heart of your business, its culture, and its success. We provide consulting services for hiring and retention strategies, workforce planning, and developing a thriving company culture.

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